Thursday, 2 September 2010

Wiston School in the 1890s

Can you name any of the children on these Wiston School photos? We know some pupils’ names, but there are several gaps, so perhaps you can help us? If so, please let us know on

See my previous post about the Worsfold family, some of whom are shown in these pictures.

Boys c1899
Left to right, back row: Mr John Henry Isted, born 1836/7, Schoolmaster.
Pupils: E Allen, unknown, ? Allen, Alfred Merritt, Thomas Worsfold, unknown, Frank Merritt.
Middle row: Ernest King, ? Allen, unknown, (probably Thomas) Meetens, (probably Alfred) Meetens, Alfred Blunden, unknown, T Hedger, unknown, ? Allen, unknown.
Front row: (probably James) Meetens, (probably Alfred) Meetens, Herbert (Bert) Carter, ? Maple, unknown, William (Bill) Clements, unknown, Peter Clements, Frank Heath, Albert (Bert) Clements, unknown.

Girls c1899 (with three little boys)
Back row: Left, Miss Emily Isted, born c1871, Assistant Schoolmistress. Right: Mrs Sarah Ann Isted, born early 1847, Schoolmistress.
Pupils, left to right: Unknown, (probably Dorcas) Allen, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, E Holland, Ruth Holland, Effie Short, Alice Knight, unknown, (possibly Mary) Madgewick, unknown.
Middle row: Unknown, unknown, (probably Edith) Allen, May Holland, unknown, unknown, Rosa Hoad, Nora King, unknown, Eliza Worsfold, unknown, A Hoad, unknown, Minnie Stiles.
Front row: Unknown, Mabel Carter, Fred Carter, David King, Elizabeth (Lizzie) King, Emily (Emmy) Clements, B Field, Bertha King, Aggie Madgewick, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown.

Mixed c1902
Back row: left, Mr John Henry Isted, born c1837, Schoolmaster. Right: Miss Emily Isted, born c1871, Assistant Schoolmistress.
Pupils, left to right: Peter Clements, William (Bill) Clements, unknown, Sydney Pelling, unknown.
Next to back row: Edgar Dumas, Edward (Ted) Terry, ? Meetens, Frank Heath, Herbert (Bert) Carter, Alfred Merritt.
Next to front row: Unknown, unknown, (possibly Ellen) Meetens, unknown, Emily Clements, unknown, Hilda Heath, unknown.
Front row: Arthur Francis, Ernest Merritt, unknown, unknown, Raymond Carter, Edward Meetens, Frederick Carter.

Jacquie Buttriss


  1. Arthur Francis (front row of the 1902 cohort) was related by marriage to my grandmother (one of the Hole family from Steyning) - he was a stoker in the navy in the first war and then a gardener for the rest of his life. I remember him as an old boy with a pipe stuck permanently in the corner of his mouth in the 1960s and 70s.

    Phil Harris

  2. Thanks Phil. That's exactly the kind of information I am looking for. I will add this to my notes. I hope to gather enough material together over the next year or two to be able to write a book about the school and its families, so I shall definitely aim to include this.

  3. Hi Jacquie,
    Wiston School c1899.
    Alfred & Frank Merritt were the sons of Thomas Merritt & Mary Gumbrell. One of several Merritt families in the area.

    The c1902 photo is same as c1899 but would like to see it as Alfred in it with younger brother Ernest.

    Michael Merritt

  4. Hello Michael

    Thanks for your comments. Thanks also for your comment about the photos being the same - we've put that right now. I have a list of all (I think all) of the Merritt children, and their birth dates. However, I only put in the first names for those I could be sure were correct according to their birth dates and the school's admissions book (lodged in the West Sussex Records Office at Chichester). I am just about to go away, but when I come back I will check them again, with your suggestions, and add any additional names I can. Coincidentally, I have also just received an email about another family also on the same photo(s), so your posting was very timely. I'll let you know when I have looked into this and any additions I have made.

    Thanks again.