Sunday, 12 September 2010

Another Coincidence!

Another coincidence this week! This time relating to the family history display about the Worsfold family. On the same morning, just an hour apart, two visitors, one from Worthing and one from Leicestershire, came into the museum and began to talk about their links with the Worsfold family. Both left contact details and, being the museum’s family historian, I later made contact with them.

The first link was Mrs Nell Worsfold, the wife of Alice and Eliza May’s nephew. Indeed, a long conversation ensued about her memories of them as she and her late husband had lived in Alice’s house with her and her sister for many years and knew most of the family. She thinks she has some photos of Alice, Eliza May and other relations and is going to look them out for me. I will then go over to Worthing and get copies of them for our archives. Better still, she will tell me what they were like and her memories of them, including Alice’s own recount of her husband’s tragic death in WW1. The greatest coincidence of all, regarding this lady, is that she was the seller of the needleworks bought by the museum a few months ago and was thrilled that they had been bought by us and put on display!

The second visitor, from Leicestershire, is also a Worsfold relation, from her grandmother’s second marriage to Thomas Worsfold, brother of Alice and Eliza May. She was able to add a name to the one of the photos. She has also helped us fill in quite a bit of Thomas’s story.

There is more to come from both of these sources, so it was a very productive morning at Steyning Museum on that day!

By the way, my first post about the Worsfolds is here.

Jacquie Buttriss

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